Using Airbyte to Migrate Data from TiDB Cloud to Snowflake

In this tutorial, we will walk you through how to use Airbyte to connect TiDB Cloud and Snowflake and how to migrate data from TiDB Cloud to Snowflake.

The Long Expedition toward Making a Real-Time HTAP Database 

This post introduces the backstage stories of TiDB and its HTAP capability.

Analytics on TiDB Cloud with Databricks

In this article, we will walk you through how to create a TiDB Cloud Developer Tier cluster, connect TiDB to Databricks, and process TiDB data with Databricks. 

Announcing TiDB 6.1

TiDB 6.1 was released on June 13. This release marks the official addition of the Long Term Support (LTS) release packed with stability updates. In addition, it also includes enhancements to TiDB’s HTAP capabilities and integrations with the ecosystem.

The Meta Feature in TiDB 6.0: Placement Rules in SQL

This post introduces the Placement Rules in SQL, TiDB 6.0's new feature.

Announcing General Availability of TiDB Cloud

Today we are thrilled to announce the general availability of TiDB Cloud, the fully-managed database service for TiDB.

How to Achieve High-Performance Data Ingestion to TiDB in Apache Flink

This article shows you two ways you can achieve high performance when you need to quickly ingest streaming data from Apache Flink to TiDB.

TiDB 6.0: A Leap Towards an Enterprise-Grade Cloud Database

We are proud to present TiDB 6.0, the latest version of our open-source distributed HTAP database. This release significantly enhances TiDB’s manageability as an enterprise product and incorporates many of the essential features required for a cloud-native database.

Getting Started with TiDB Cloud Using PHP and Laravel

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use TiDB Cloud as the backend database for your PHP application. We will be using PHP and Laravel to build a simple web application

How to Reduce Cost Per Order by 25% with a Distributed SQL Database

Read to know what supply chain industry challenges ZTO Express faced, their requirements for a database, and how TiDB helps them achieve real-time insights with a simpler structure.

How an HTAP Database Handles OLTP and OLAP Workloads at the Same Time

This post describes what HTAP is and how TiDB, an HTAP database, helps users handle their growing needs of mixed workloads of OLTP and OLAP.

Build a Real-time Analytics Application with TiDB Cloud

With more people shopping online due to the pandemic, PingExpress_DemoCorp’s business has scaled rapidly. Real-time tracking, status updates, and a detailed dashboard are very important to their business. In this tutorial, you will build a prototype for PingExpress_DemoCorp’s real-time analytics dashboard that runs on TiDB Cloud Developer Tier.