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2021-10-18Tenny ZhuangEngineering
WebAssembly is a binary instruction format designed for secure and near-native execution in the sandboxed environment. This post shares how we use WebAssembly to build a user-defined function engine for TiDB.
We are proud to announce that TiDB Cloud now holds the highest level of data privacy with full GDPR certification.
AnnouncementTiDB Cloud
2021-10-11TiDB communityCommunity
TiDB is proud to be back at Hacktoberfest, a global celebration of open-source and technology. Join us and make contributions, whoever you are, whatever your experience, to the ever-growing TiDB community!
Community news
2021-10-07Rick GolbaProduct
Hybrid Transactional and Analytical Processing, or HTAP, is a defining feature of TiDB. It means that you can run both transactional and analytical queries from within the same database. TiDB provides HTAP, ensuring that your queries are always running against the most current data available.
HTAPReal-time analytics
2021-09-30Matt WangCommunity
This post helps Ruby on Rails developers get started with TiDB and use it as the backend storage layer of Rails applications.
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