Tuya Smart
Tuya Smart Reducing P99 Latency to 150 μs and Hardware Cost by 75% with a Scale-Out DBMS View Case Study
ZTO Express Using a NewSQL DBMS to Improve Data Freshness and Execute Analytical Queries in Minutes View Case Study
SHAREit Group Why SHAREit Selects TiKV as Data Storage for Its 2.4-Billion-User Business View Case Study
Streak Why Streak Chose TiDB to Make Its CRM Real-Time View Case Study
JD.com An 8x System Performance Boost: Why We Migrated from MySQL to a NewSQL Database View Case Study
Huya Live How We Scale Out Databases and Get Big Data Queries 6x Faster with a MySQL Alternative View Case Study
China Zheshang Bank Reducing Query Latency from Seconds to Milliseconds with a Scale-Out Database View Case Study
Ninja Van Why This MySQL Alternative Beats Vitess and CRDB in Scaling Out Our Databases on K8s View Case Study
Kunlun Empowering Your Gaming Application with a Scale-out NewSQL Database View Case Study
Meituan How We Use a MySQL Alternative to Avoid Sharding and Provide Strong Consistency View Case Study
Autohome Reducing Real-Time Query Latency from 0.5 s to 0.01 s with a Scale-Out HTAP Database View Case Study
58.com Goodbye, MySQL Sharding: Use a Scale-Out MySQL Alternative to Store 160+ TB of Data View Case Study
Chehaoduo A Top Car Trading Platform Chooses a Scale-out Database as a MySQL Alternative View Case Study
WeBank How We Reduced Our Batch Processing Time by About 58% with a Scale-Out MySQL Alternative View Case Study
China Telecom Bestpay How We Process Data Five Times More Efficiently Using a Scale-Out MySQL Alternative View Case Study
U-Next Running a Scale-Out Database on ARM as a MySQL Alternative View Case Study
ZTO Express A 3x IT Efficiency Boost: Using a Scale-Out HTAP Database for Near Real-Time Analytics View Case Study
Bank of China How Bank of China Uses a Scale-Out Database to Support Zabbix Monitoring at Scale View Case Study
Bank of Beijing
Bank of Beijing How Bank of Beijing Achieves Database Scaling Without Downtime View Case Study
Xiaohongshu How We Use a Scale-Out HTAP Database for Real-Time Analytics and Complex Queries View Case Study
BIGO Horizontal Scaling: Why BIGO chose TiDB over MySQL View Case Study
VIPKid Why We Chose a Distributed SQL Database to Complement MySQL View Case Study
Zhihu Horizontally Scaling the Hive Metastore Database by Migrating from MySQL to TiDB View Case Study
JD Cloud How We Achieved 40 K QPS and 20+ Billion Rows of Data in a Single Scale-out Cluster View Case Study
Net Ease Games
NetEase Games NetEase Games: Why We Chose TiDB over Other MySQL-based and NewSQL Storage Solutions View Case Study
Zhihu Lesson Learned from Queries over 1.3 Trillion Rows of Data Within Milliseconds of Response Time at Zhihu.com View Case Study
Xiaomi Powering the Xiaomi Mobile Lifestyle with TiDB View Case Study
Shopee Shopping on Shopee, the TiDB Way View Case Study
Meituan Migrating from MySQL to a Scale-Out Database to Serve Our 290 Million Monthly Users View Case Study
iQiyi Always Fun, Always On: How TiDB Helps iQiyi Deliver Streaming Videos View Case Study
Zhuan Zhuan Managing the Surging Data Volume of a Fast-Growing Marketplace with TiDB View Case Study
Mobike Blitzscaling the Largest Dockless Bikesharing Platform with TiDB’s Help View Case Study
Yuanfudao.com How TiDB tackles fast data growth and complex queries for yuanfudao.com View Case Study
GAEA Migration from MySQL to TiDB to handle tens of millions of rows of data per day View Case Study

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