2018-08-07Zhuan ZhuanInternet
With our fast-growing business, the surging data volume posed a serious challenge to our backend system and put the operations team under great pressure. How to tackle these challenges became a thorny problem until we found TiDB, a MySQL compatible distributed hybrid transactional and analytical processing (HTAP) database, built and supported by PingCAP. Finally, we do not have to worry about scaling databases and can focus on building better applications for our users.
ScalabilityHigh availability
As the largest B2C fresh produce online marketplace in China, serving close to 5 million users and 1,000+ enterprise customers, Yiguo.com uses TiDB to capture real-time insights from fresh transactional data to make timely and accurate business decisions.
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Mobike has been using the TiDB database in the production environment since early 2017. Now they have deployed TiDB in multiple clusters with close to 100 nodes, handling dozens of TBs of data for different application scenarios. This post will provide a deep dive on why Mobike chose TiDB over MySQL and its sharding solutions by illustrating how TiDB solves their pain points.
ScalabilityReal-time analytics
This document is a case study that details the reasons why yuanfudao.com chose TiDB as its backend database solution to tackle their fast data growth and complex queries.
Real-time analyticsScalabilityHigh availability
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