Xiaomi is a world-leading consumer electronics company. When MySQL no longer met their business needs, they migrated to TiDB for its scalability, high availability, and HTAP performance.
No shardingMySQL
Zhihu, China's largest knowledge sharing platform, uses TiDB to complement their big data architecture. TiDB helps them build a large query alert system for Hive and accelerate NameNode RPC requests in HDFS.
Big data
As PatSnap's businesses developed, their data size quickly grew. To perform real-time analytics, they replaced their Segment + Amazon Redshift data analytics architecture with a TiDB + Apache Flink data warehouse solution.
HTAPReal-time analytics
2021-03-18Ninja VanInternet
Ninja Van, a Southeast Asia logistics giant, chose TiDB as a MySQL alternative over Vitess and CockroachDB to scale out their databases on Kubernetes. Learn how this MySQL alternative helps Ninji Van fix their pain points.
Meituan is the largest local life service company in China. As their business expanded, Meituan chose TiDB as a MySQL alternative to solve the difficulty of manual sharding and provide strong consistency.
ACID transactionScalabilityDatabase selection
As Autohome's businesses quickly grew, their huge data size placed great pressure on their SQL Server database. To scale out their database and perform real-time analytics, they migrated from SQL Server to TiDB and use TiDB in multiple important apps.
No shardingScalabilityHigh availabilityHTAPReal-time analytics
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