Databricks is an enterprise software company that helps data teams solve some of the world's toughest problems. This article describes why they chose TiDB as their database and shares some TiDB best practices.
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2021-09-22Huya LiveInternet
As Huya Live's business grew, their storage capacity became a bottleneck. Their live broadcasts had high latency, and their database maintenance cost was high. Learn how TiDB helps them achieve database scalability, high availability, and strong consistency with low costs.
ScalabilityHTAPReal-time analyticsTiFlashHigh availabilityNo sharding
Pinterest used the HBase ecosystem for their data storage. But this infrastructure was complex, with limited functionalities and high maintenance costs. They switched to TiDB over YugaByteDB and CockroachDB because it best met their requirements for stability and performance.
Xiaomi is a world-leading consumer electronics company. When MySQL no longer met their business needs, they migrated to TiDB for its scalability, high availability, and HTAP performance.
No shardingMySQL
Zhihu, China's largest knowledge sharing platform, uses TiDB to complement their big data architecture. TiDB helps them build a large query alert system for Hive and accelerate NameNode RPC requests in HDFS.
Big data
2021-06-17China Zheshang BankFinancial Services
As China Zheshang Bank's data size boomed, their databases couldn't meet their requirements for data storage and analytics. They switched to TiDB to scale out their databases and perform real-time analytics.
ScalabilityACID transactionHigh availabilityHTAPReal-time analytics
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