The Past, Present, and Future of TiDB as an HTAP Database

Author: Shawn Ma (Tech Lead of the Real-time Analytics team at PingCAP) Transcreator: Ran Huang; Editor: Tom Dewan As the novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms tells us, “The empire, long divided, must unite; long united, must divide.” The same ebb and flow are taking place in the database world. In the beginning, one type of DBMS served all data requests. But […]

The Benefits of a Hybrid Transactional and Analytical Processing Database

Hybrid Transactional and Analytical Processing, or HTAP, is a defining feature of TiDB. It means that you can run both transactional and analytical queries from within the same database. TiDB provides HTAP, ensuring that your queries are always running against the most current data available.

TiDB 5.0: A One-Stop HTAP Database Solution

TiDB 5.0 features a comprehensive HTAP solution enhanced by an MPP analytical query engine. This article introduces the new TiDB 5.0 HTAP architecture and how TiDB 5.0 serves various transactional & analytical hybrid workload scenarios.

Empower Your Business with Big Data + Real-time Analytics in TiDB

Big data is a growing need for ambitious companies. Learn the usage, cost, and technology selection of real-time big data analytics and how TiDB prevails over other solutions.

TiDB on JD Cloud: A Cloud-native Distributed Database Service

PingCAP teams up with JD Cloud to provide Cloud-TiDB service on the JD Cloud platform.

Apache Flink + TiDB: A Scale-Out Real-Time Data Warehouse for Analytics Within Seconds

By combining Apache Flink and TiDB, we offer an efficient, easy-to-use, real-time data warehouse with horizontal scalability and high availability.

Making an HTAP Database a Reality: What I Learned from PingCAP’s VLDB Paper

Recently, VLDB published the PingCAP paper, TiDB: A Raft-based HTAP Database. In this article, a DBA at PalFish shares his thoughts on the article and his expectations for TiDB's future development.

How We Build an HTAP Database That Simplifies Your Data Platform

This post talks about why HTAP matters in a database platform, how TiDB implements HTAP, and how you can apply TiDB in different scenarios.

PingCAPers Make Their Debut at VLDB

The 46th VLDB conference will be broadcast online from August 31st to September 4th. PingCAP is honored to attend this conference, and we will share two papers with you TiDB: A Raft-based HTAP Database and Interleaved Multi-Vectorizing.

TiDB Cloud: Managed SQL at Scale on AWS and GCP

This post introduces in detail the features of TiDB Cloud - the fully managed, horizontally scaling, cloud-native, distributed SQL database in the cloud.

TiDB 4.0: An Elastic, Real-Time HTAP Database Ready for the Cloud

At TiDB DevCon 2020, Max Liu, CEO at PingCAP, gave a keynote speech. He believes that today's database should be more flexible, more real-time, and easier to use, and TiDB, an elastic, cloud-native, real-time HTAP database, is exactly that kind of database.

How TiDB’s HTAP Makes Truly Hybrid Workloads Possible

This post introduces the design details of the HTAP architecture of TiDB, including the real-time updatable columnar engine, the multi-Raft replication strategy, and smart selection.