2018-04-29Shen LiProduct
TiDB 2.0 is released! We absorbed insights and feedbacks from our customers, listened to requests and issues from our community, and reflected internally on our ultimate vision of building a distributed hybrid transactional and analytical processing database that scales itself, heals itself, and lives in the cloud.
TiDB is compatible with MySQL, strong consistent and highly available.
2017-10-10Li SHENProduct
This is the speech Li SHEN gave at the 3rd NEXTCON.
2017-07-24Li ShenProduct
This article summarizes some best practices in using TiDB, mainly including SQL usage, OLAP/OLTP optimization techniques and especially TiDB's exclusive optimization switches.
Best practice
2017-05-23Ed HuangProduct
This is the speech Edward Huang gave at Percona Live Open Source Database Conference 2017.
ArchitectureTiKVDistributed system
2016-11-15Ewan ChouProduct
This document introduces the History Read feature in TiDB.
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