2021-01-08Ke'ao YangEngineering
This post dives deep into how we implement the IOChaos experiment without using a sidecar.
Chaos Engineering
2020-12-24Wenbo ZhangEngineering
To trace system calls in Linux effectively, you can use perf to analyze system calls that have latency in general scenarios. For containers or Kubernetes that use cgroup v2, traceloop is more convenient.
LinuxPerformance tuning
2020-12-22Zhexuan YangEngineering
A senior solution architect at PingCAP explains why TiSpark (TiDB + Apache Spark) is better than the traditional batch processing solution, how you can benefit from TiSpark, and how it works.
2020-12-14Wenbo ZhangEngineering
Compared to BCC, the libbpf + BPF CO-RE solution greatly reduces storage space and runtime overhead. That's why we switched from bcc-tools to libbpf-tools. This post introduces some tips and tricks for writing BPF applications with libbpf.
Performance tuningLinux
2020-12-10Wenbo ZhangEngineering
This post dives deep into how transparent huge pages (THP) slow down the system and explains why you should disable THP to improve your database performance.
Performance tuningLinux
2020-12-03Wenbo ZhangEngineering
Libbpf + BPF CO-RE is better than BCC. It greatly reduces storage space and runtime overhead, and it improves programmers' deployment and development experience.
Performance tuningLinux
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