2020-09-25Chaos Mesh MaintainersCommunity
Today, we are proud to announce the general availability of Chaos Mesh® 1.0, following its entry into CNCF as a sandbox project in July, 2020. After 10 months of effort within the open-source community, Chaos Mesh is now ready in terms of functionality, scalability, and ease of use. Here are some highlights.
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The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) today just announced that TiKV has become the twelfth project to graduate, joining other graduated projects such as Kubernetes, Jaeger, Harbor, etc.
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2020-08-14Maintainers of TiDB and TiKVCommunity
We decide to move the Placement Driver library entirely to TiKV org, happening at 11 AM, UTC+8, August 17, 2020.
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2020-07-28Siddon TangCommunity
We're thrilled to announce that Chaos Mesh®, our open-sourced Chaos Engineering platform for Kubernetes, is now officially accepted as a CNCF Sandbox project.
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PingCAP will publish a research paper "TiDB: A Raft-based HTAP Database" in the August issue of the Proceedings of the VLDB Endowment.
TiDB Challenge Program is a series community program to bring TiDB to a new level in terms of stability, performance, and usability. With amazing improvements in performance in season 1 last year, we are now pleased to announce that season 2 is ready for you.
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